Advert Display Products, Inc - History

Welcome to Advert Display Products, Inc!

Advert Display Products, Inc located at 3727 N Division St. Morris, IL  and Incorporated March of 2011. Advert Display Products, Inc was an established on-line seller of general usage items back in 2005 under the eBay seller ID Krazykandies. 

The early years: 2005 start up 

eBay Seller ID Krazykandies was started for an extra income for our current Owner Mr. Gary Chapman. Mr. Chapman's goal was to make some extra cash on the side as his printing career paid the bills but did not leave much room for savings for the future or offer benefits to help his future. At that time he currently worked long hours and took on multiple jobds from various printing companies as well as keeping his full time job with his full time employer, pulling in as many hours as possible to start saving for his future. Then decided to look into selling online as he had seen ads stating make extra money from home and read about what things to sell. Mr. Chapman then decided to opened the eBay account under seller ID Krazykandies as he was thinking, why not sell candy?  Unfortunatly, summer doesn't like chocolate, he had already created the account name so other research had begun for other products to sell and from the info he gathered was to sell stuff around the house or products you know about.

Mr. Chapman's eBay seller account Krazykandies was born selling products he knew about, things from his carrier as a printing press operator, such as sucker feet for printing presses, ink cans, ink, ink knives and other printing supplies. This was good and he was drawing in some sales, about 20-25 orders a month. Making about $30-$50 every couple weeks after the cost he paid for the products. The $30-$50 he felt wasn't that bad for about an hour of work after an 18 hour day at the other 2 jobs, so he stuck to selling those items from 2005-2007 and saving all while researching other products to sell. 

In 2006, is when Mr. Chapman was out shopping and while at the store he noticed some business cards he had printed at his full time job, on the counter being displayed by a little clear plastic business card holder. He thought oh, that's cool I printed those business cards.

Then it hit him, he went to other stores just looking around and noticed other printed material that he printed was all in these clear plastic holders. He decided to go back home and take a look around for these holders displaying the printed literature he had printed such as business cards, tri-fold brochures, letterheads, sales sheets, menus. He also wanted to checkout eBay to see if there was anyone selling those holders on that sell site.

Sure enough, there was one seller at that time selling these clear plastic business card holders that seller is now Mr. Chapman believe that there was not many sellers of that particular item so he would start searching for companies who offered them at a low price that he could sell for higher price since there was only one other seller. Mr. Chapman searched and searched for this item, then found a company online who offered them for a much lower price than the competition.

Mr. Chapman decided to take $200.00 of his own money to purchase as many of those as he could, hoping to sell them on eBay. Sure enough they were selling great and sold the 400 units he purchased, in only a couple weeks. Mr. Chapman took all that money he made from those sales and purchased as many as he could buy with the sales of the first 400. Then the sales slowed, Mr. Chapman decided to look at the other seller's listing to see if he had sold any because of the slow sales he was getting, compared to the first batch Mr. Chapman sold. Sure enough the other seller was selling them for a lower cost, at that time there was some margin on those card holders to lower the price to compete with that seller,  back and fourth they went up until 2008. During this 2 year price war with this other seller Mr. Chapman was always looking for new suppliers to lower his costs of that particular item. Eventually, Mr. Chapman had sourced this item from the competitions supplier giving him an advantage and to lower the price that could not be matched from the other seller, for the simple reason that selling online was not Mr. Chapman's sole income source as he was employed with 2 printing companies. This was the advantage. He kept is price for those business card holders so low that the other seller could not compete. 

In late 2008 he had got a message from the competition stating "you are breaking my back over here". This message made Mr. Chapman think to respond with "we are the only one's selling this product, how about we work together since we are the only two on here selling these types of clear items" It was established they would start working together. 


To be continued...